Comments of Quantum Phantom

24 Aug

Frankly, I’m surprised by the feedback, which is much beyond my expectation. I just wanted to know if people like this new technique or not. Seems lots of dreamers in the world. 🙂 Awesome! Engadget! You know, when you are doing some new thing which only exists in sci-fi movie, especially alone,  you need some advice, encouragement or even blame to push you going ahead. Now I get the information and know it is worthy of doing this. Thanks a lot!

There are some points I'd like to say:
  •  Clarke’s Third Law said “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” So I can understand somebody can not believe it is true. But it is true!
  •  Someone said he/she saw Kubuntu in the video. Bingo! There are two versions of qp for Windows and Linux. I used both versions to make videos.

  •  I didn’t write any handwriting recognition software, I just used the one of Sogou Input in my demo. And the word processing software is EIOffice, not Wrod. I list the software tools I used at the end of the software.

  •  Comparison to the Kinect.

  1.  I deem it as a compliment. One year before, when I got this idea from the sky, I have already known Kinect, which is amazing. What I did is just made my idea come true. That is really a big satisfaction for me.
  2.  Technically, comparing qp to Kinect is like comparing a toy car to a Benz. In my opinion, they are not antagonistic, just two different methods and experiences of HCI.

  •  I deliberately used an ordinary webcam to do this demo though it is a little bit clumsy. I wanted to show you that this new technique can change an ordinary webcam into a “magic stick”. That is cool! It is straight to redesign it as a pen-like or glove ,etc. But more important, I must prove the principle in it is available.

  •  As a concept prototype, it is far from perfect. What you have seen is just the best part of it. There are lot of things to do to make it a real product. Since it is only one year that I have learned computer vision, pattern recognition, machine learning, .etc, there are too many things need to study.

  •  There are some problems need to solve. Most important are motion blur and defocus. I am using some ordinary webcam, when I moving it fast, the images become blurred and defocused, which affects the following process. That’s why you see it is slow in the video. I need some real-time motion blur and defocus restoring algorithms which can be used in moving camera. Better in C/C++ and has examples. Anybody wants to help me, please contact to me. Thanks in advance!

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